Ex-Morgan Stanley Exec Joins His Former Colleagues at Shenzhen Crypto Firm

Ex-Morgan Stanley Asia head of derivatives Jeffrey Wang joined his former colleagues at Shenzhen-based crypto firm Source link

Industry Investors Shift Focus From Crypto to Convergence Apps: Report

Outlier Ventures’ new report provides insight into blockchain investment and market trends in 2019, showing a shift from cryptocurrencies to convergence applications Source link

Blockchain Startup Bitfury Launches Artificial Intelligence Unit

Blockchain startup BitFury launched an artificial intelligence unit Source link

Blockchain Firm Bitfury Turns to AI for Big Data Mining

The Bitfury Group has launched an artificial intelligence division with the aim of creating value out of the vast amounts of data now available. Source link

Digital Tech Is Driving Growth in Transportation Management Systems

A Grand View Research report suggests that digital tech including blockchain is driving growth in transportation management systems Source link

Turkey Puts Central Bank Digital Currency on New Economic Roadmap

The Turkish government has included a blockchain-based central bank digital currency as a target in its 2019–2023 economic roadmap Source link

Blockchain and AI Bond, Explained

Learn about AI and blockchain, and how they are increasingly bound together in innovation and tech evolution Source link

House Reps Question FinCEN Director on Libra’s Potential for Illegal Usage

Members of House Committee on Financial Services questioned FinCEN Director Kenneth Blanco on potential illegal usage of Libra Source link

Cortex Launches Deep Learning and AI Network for Decentralized Apps

Cortex has launched a network for decentralized apps powered by artificial intelligence Source link