Crypto Analyst Expects 20% Ethereum Drop, Altcoin Capitulation in 2 Weeks

Nothing but carnage has been seen across the altcoin market, with major crypto assets like Ethereum and Ripple falling to fresh lows and causing widespread panic across the space. While most crypto investors are starting to suspect that a bottom might for altcoins might be set, one crypto analyst says that Ethereum could drop another […]

Bitcoin Dominance In Danger of Drop, Alt Season Finally Here?

Since April of this year when Bitcoin first spiked over $1,000 in a matter of minutes, sending the first-ever crypto asset out of its bear market depths, Bitcoin dominance has soared, indicating that much of Bitcoin’s rally was fueled by altcoin-driven selling. The impact can be seen in both Bitcoin’s price outperforming most altcoins by […]

Bitcoin and Altcoin Crashes Correlating Could Be Catalyst for Alt Bottom

Across the crypto market, there’s extreme pain, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Bitcoin is pulling back from recent highs, and altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, and others have only bled out and fallen deeper to new lows. And while most crypto investors believe there is more pain to come for the altcoin market, Bitcoin and alts recently […]

Altcoin Apocalypse: Only Two of Top Ten Crypto Cap Have Outperformed Bitcoin

The further Bitcoin has climbed, the worse the altcoin market has suffered, to the point many are calling for an altcoin apocalypse that takes the price of most crypto assets to zero, except for Bitcoin and a select few that still provide value and utility. Of the top ten crypto assets, only two altcoins have […]

Crypto Analyst: Look For One Simple Sign Before Alt Season Has Officially Begun

Throughout 2019, and even during the 2018 bear market, the promise and allure of an “alt season” have kept crypto traders buying each dip in the altcoin market, meanwhile, Bitcoin and its parabolic rally have only decimated the alternative crypto asset category further through growing BTC dominance. The tides have started to turn and Bitcoin […]

Continued Bitcoin Correction Could Cause Lead to Altcoin Market Double Bottom

The start of 2019 saw Bitcoin, altcoins, and the total crypto market cap all reaching their “bottom,” and have all since risen USD in value by 100% or more.  But at the start of April, Bitcoin continued to rally while altcoins have only bled out and capitulated, falling most sharply in their ratios against Bitcoin. […]

Altcoins May Never Again Reach All-Time High, Even if Bitcoin Hits $100K

With so much negativity suddenly in the crypto market following increased regulatory concerns surrounding Bitcoin, Facebook Libra, and the rest of the asset class, the sell pressure and fear has caused altcoins to capitulate and even Bitcoin to begin to crash. Altcoins are not only dropping to new lows in USD value, but their BTC […]