Early Crypto Angel Investor Issues Warning to Bitcoin Maximalists

At the end of 2017 and the height of the crypto hype bubble, investors seeking ‘the next Bitcoin’ bought up altcoins en masse after learning that many alts, such as Etheruem, Ripple, and Litecoin, had spiked over 1000% and outperformed even Bitcoin. But the bubble popped, both Bitcoin and altcoins fell over 85% to lows […]

Altcoins Bleed Whenever Bitcoin Lingers around $10k Level

Bitcoin and altcoins are forming a strange correlation as of late, according to data provided by market analyst Ceteris Paribus. The noted cryptocurrency trader found that leading altcoins plunged massively every time bitcoin tested or hinted to check the $10,000 level. Between June and August 21, bitcoin closed above the $10,000 mark four times. And […]

Will Altcoins Finally Surge as Bitcoin Dominance Hits Resistance?

For the fifth time since its 2019 rally began, Bitcoin has dipped back into the four figure price range. The move has not been unexpected, however it is clear that this bull run has exhausted its supply of buyers for now. If BTC dominance declines, will it be a chance for the altcoins to shine? […]

Crypto Markets Dump $15 Billion as Bitcoin Heads Back Towards Four Figures

A market wide dump this Wednesday has seen $15 billion exit crypto markets as Bitcoin leads them back down again. The choppy conditions have continued and BTC has remained range bound for now but this could be its fifth foray into four figure prices. Weekly Crypto Gains Wiped Out Since the weekend, BTC has been […]

Bitcoin Becoming Reserve Asset for Altcoins: Ark Investment

A recent run-up in the bitcoin price has been credited to a string of events: the US-China trade war, determined monetary easing by central banks, price manipulation via Tether’s stablecoin USDT, Facebook’s plans to launch its cryptocurrency, as well as a weakening Renminbi. But another factor may be lifting bitcoin as well: altcoins. New York-based Ark […]

Bitcoin Dominance In Danger of Drop, Alt Season Finally Here?

Since April of this year when Bitcoin first spiked over $1,000 in a matter of minutes, sending the first-ever crypto asset out of its bear market depths, Bitcoin dominance has soared, indicating that much of Bitcoin’s rally was fueled by altcoin-driven selling. The impact can be seen in both Bitcoin’s price outperforming most altcoins by […]

No Demand for “Highly Speculative” Altcoins: Analyst

Thousands of spinoffs of the world’s leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin are expanding into the void, according to market analyst Josh Rager. The Bloockroots.com co-founder on Sunday said the demand for “highly speculative” alternative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, is falling. The analyst noted that institutional investors now look at bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, as their preferred choice of […]

$15 Billion Added to Crypto Markets as Altcoins Finally Start Moving

The weekend has been largely one of consolidation for crypto markets as Bitcoin has held on to gains to keep it in five figures. Monday morning, however, has seen some bigger moves on altcoin prices as they outperform their big brother in a rare upswing. Crypto Markets Gain on Altcoins Most of 2019 has seen […]

Privacy Coin Beam Conducts First Hard Fork Away From ASICs

Launching in January of this year, beam is one of two first implementations of the Mimblewimble privacy protocol Source link

Bitcoin and Altcoin Crashes Correlating Could Be Catalyst for Alt Bottom

Across the crypto market, there’s extreme pain, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Bitcoin is pulling back from recent highs, and altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, and others have only bled out and fallen deeper to new lows. And while most crypto investors believe there is more pain to come for the altcoin market, Bitcoin and alts recently […]