UK Artist Sells 19 Paintings for 490 Bitcoin

A UK artist has announced that he has sold a collection of 19 paints for a total of 490 Bitcoin.  The price fetched for the collection at the time of writing is just less than $4.9 million. Lincoln Townley, the creator of the collection, has a history of selling his artworks for Bitcoin. In fact, […]

Price of Art Tied To Bitcoin

Content of the article: New Pricing Vitalik Buterin & Vinay Gupta signatures Roman XXX series in Gifs New ‘We Love Decentralized’ podcast Codex Art Giveaway Ganesha celebrations 1.PRICING RESTRUCTURE First off the big news. It is likely the biggest update of the site since I first put the site online, and published the first […]

Seoul’s Artbloc to Offer High-End Art Using Blockchain-Based Fractional Ownership

Artbloc hopes to bring high-end works to mainstream investors by using blockchain technologies Source link

Crypto Artist Continues to Innovate with Tokenised Street Art Sale

A French street artist has just made what he claims to be a world first sale of a tokenised wall mural. Pascal Boyart specialises in crypto asset-inspired pieces of street art. The portion of the overall piece cost the buyer 25 Ether (ETH). The second part of the mural is still listed as available for […]

Iconloop Signs Deal With Art Site to Create Record of Ownership

The works include five by Lee Ufan, founder of the avant-garde School of Things, and three works of Whanki Kim, an early abstract artist in Korea. Source link

This Artist Explores the Art and Politics of Crypto Culture

The crypto artist has worked with Dorian Nakamoto and recently expanded his reach into South America. Source link