CFTC Appoints Former Coinbase Exec as Director of Market Oversight

Coinbase vice president Dorothy D. DeWitt will now serve as director of the division of market oversight at the U.S. CFTC Source link

Coinbase Pro to Add Support for DASH Trading

Professional crypto exchange Coinbase Pro will launch support for DASH token next week Source link

Coinbase UK Settles Lawsuit With Victim of Email Phishing Attack

Coinbase U.K. settled a lawsuit with a man who lost 80 Bitcoins in an email phishing attack Source link

Coinbase Considering Initial Exchange Offering Platform: Report

Coinbase indicates it could unveil an initial exchange offering platform in coming months Source link

Is DeFi The Future of Crypto Finance? Some Big Industry Names Think So

The hot potato in the world of crypto at the moment is decentralized finance. Satoshi’s original notion of cutting out the bankers is now possible in this new world of digital assets and DeFi protocols. The industry is still embryonic but some of the bigger names in the world of crypto and finance are finally […]

Coinbase Launches USDC-Based Initiative to Support DeFi Developers

U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase launches the USDC Bootstrap Fund to support developers projects Source link

Major US Crypto Exchange Coinbase Appoints New Vice President Dan Yoo

Coinbase has reportedly appointed Dan Yoo as vice president, replacing Emilie Choi Source link

Coinbase to Invest $2 Million USDC in DeFi Projects Compound and dYdX

Coinbase is launching a new effort to grow the DeFi ecosystem, starting with USDC investments in Compound and dYdX. Source link

Coinbase Hires Ex-COO of Nerdwallet to Succeed Emilie Choi in VP Role

Coinbase hired Dan Yoo, a veteran of LinkedIn and Nerdwallet, as its new VP of business and data, replacing Emilie Choi, now the exchange’s COO. Source link

Coinbase, Ripple Leave Top 10 of LinkedIn's ‘Hottest’ Startups List

Coinbase and Ripple leave the top 10 of Linkedln’s “hottest” startups list Source link