Craig Wright Again Claims Authorship of Bitcoin White Paper

Wright has made another attempt to cement his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, posting bitcoin’s white paper on a scientific paper hosting site. Source link

CoinDesk Talks to Supporters, Critics at Craig Wright’s Contempt Hearing

CoinDesk travels to Florida to talk to supporters and detractors of the so-called creator of bitcoin. Source link

Court Denies Craig Wright’s Motion for Judgment in Kleiman V. Wright

The judge overseeing Kleiman V. Wright has denied Wright’s motion for judgment on the pleadings, meaning the case will proceed Source link

Judge Blasts Craig Wright’s Evidence, ‘Inconsistent’ Testimony in Kleiman Trial

The judge overseeing the ongoing lawsuit against Craig Wright, who claims to have invented bitcoin, shot down a motion challenging the court’s jurisdiction over the suit. Source link

Bitmessage Developer: Craig Wright Faked Documents on Bitcoin Creation

Bitmessage developer Jonathan Warren claimed that some of Craig Wrights documents in the Kleiman case were forged or faked Source link

Craig Wright’s Messages Likely ‘Faked,’ Says Bitmessage Developer

In a July 24 court hearing, Jonathan Warren confirmed it is easy to back date messages to alter dates and times. Source link

Craig Wright’s Counsel Rebuts Forgery Evidence in Ongoing Lawsuit

A verdict was not declared in an ongoing contempt and sanctions hearing for the self-declared inventor of bitcoin. Source link

Roger Ver Steps Into Executive Chairman Role as Adds New CEO

Roger Ver is now Executive Chairman of as Stefan Rust joins as CEO Source link

Judge Dismisses Libel Suit Against Roger Ver Over Lack of Jurisdiction

A judge has thrown out Craig Wright’s libel case against Roger Ver due to questions of jurisdiction and whether actual harm was committed Source link

Judge Rules for Roger Ver in Craig Wright Libel Lawsuit

Though the suit was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, Judge Sir Nicklin denied Wright’s claims of “reputational harm” in the decision. Source link