Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Bull Rally is Over if Trendline Breaks

Bitcoin has been on a bull run since the start of 2019, after bottoming in December 2019. Momentum picked up with a $1,000 candle in April and the crypto asset was off to the races ever since. But now the race appears to be coming to an end, and Bitcoin could cross the finish line […]

Largest Crypto Ponzi in History? Research Shines Light into Scale of PlusToken

According to new research, the recently alleged crypto asset Ponzi scheme PlusToken may be the largest in history. The study, conducted by Elementus, shows that around $2 billion worth of Ether (ETH) tokens were involved in the scheme. Given that the operation accepted payments in a range of other cryptocurrencies, as well as by the […]

Bitcoin Price Could Test Bottom of Weekly Range, MACD Turning Bear

Bitcoin price has struggled to regain the same powerful bullish momentum it had starting in April through July, but crypto bulls also haven’t given up the fight and have managed to keep Bitcoin price from falling far below $10,000. But that fall deep below $10,000 may be coming sooner than expected if the weekly MACD […]

Scammer Ordered to Forfeit $1.12 Million Bitcoin in Landmark UK Case

A scammer who sold people’s personal details on the dark web has been ordered to forfeit $1.12 million worth of Bitcoin. Grant West, also known as “Courvoisier “, gathered sensitive information about individuals using a phishing scam targeting a popular online takeaway ordering service and other well-known British retailers. The investigation and subsequent confiscation is […]

CNBC Analyst Slams Facebook Libra, Champions Bitcoin

Since the announcement of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, the crypto market and even the tech sector has never been the same. It’s got regulators up in arms about Bitcoin, crypto assets are crashing, and the project may not ever even see the light of day. Even partners have started to abandon the project. The topic came […]

33 Cent Ethereum and $100 EOS, What’s Going On At One Crypto Exchange?

The crypto market is highly volatile and assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS experience wild price swings. On cryptocurrency margin trading exchanges, these wild price swings are further amplified by traders trading on up to 100x leverage. Last night on one crypto margin trading platform, some strange behavior occurred that caused flash crashes and […]

Bitcoin Rises Minutes After China Announces Additional Tariffs on US

Bitcoin began an impressive price surge minutes after China announced that it would slap additional tariffs on US goods. Beijing said late Friday that it would increase taxes on $70 billion worth of US imports of between 5 and 10 percent. That progressed its already worsening trade dispute with Washington which last week had announced […]

I Wasted My Money on Bitcoin: Billionaire Asset Manager

Bitcoin forayed into the financial markets ten years ago and became a benchmark asset to a new wave of trading instruments now known as cryptocurrencies. But for South Africa’s richest woman Magda Wierzycka, it is not worth an investor’s dime. The co-founder & chief executive of financial services company Sygnia Asset Management said in an […]

White House Warns On Dodgy Drug Dealings With Digital Currencies

Reports are emerging that the Trump Administration has taken another dig at digital currencies. As usual mainstream media outlets are running with the FUD, spouting stories of despair as Bitcoin does not bat an eyelid and continues its consolidation. China Targeted in Drug Epidemic Two advisories were issued yesterday by the White House warning over […]

Why Bitcoin Being Talked About by Money Managers Is a Good Sign

For the most part, investors abiding by traditional investment strategies have avoided Bitcoin (BTC) like the plague. Legendary investor Warren Buffett, for instance, once called the cryptocurrency “rat poison squared”, later explaining that there isn’t much inherent value in the project. Other notable players in finance and politics, including U.S. President Donald Trump, have echoed […]