Trump’s Calls for Negative Interests Rates May Benefit Bitcoin, Says Analyst

The President of the United States has once again called on the Federal Reserve to significantly lower interest rates. For Dan Tapiero, of DTAP Capital, such a “debasement of the dollar” would benefit Bitcoin and other hard, store-of-value assets. Tapiero believes that Trump hopes to drive economic activity by effectively charging customers to hold money […]

Crypto Markets Up $8 Billion as Bitcoin and Litecoin Lead The Way

Following days of consolidation, crypto markets are on the up today as Bitcoin taps five figures once again. The altcoins are largely immobile, that is except Litecoin which appears to be on the move before its halving early next week. Crypto Market Capitalization Increases The moves by these two digital assets resulted in an $8 […]

FED Interest Rate Cut is Rocket Fuel For Bitcoin

The ebb and flow of crypto markets continues into the weekend as another day of gains follows one of losses. Bitcoin crept back over five figures but dumped again an hour or so ago. Industry observers and analysts are of mixed opinion as to its next major move as a FED interest rate cut looms. […]