Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Not Proven Safe Havens Says Investor Mark Mobius

“Anything that’s created by man can be broken into . . . and it could create a big crises,” investor Marcus Mobius said about blockchain Source link

Crypto Funds Are Outperforming – You Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Josh Gnaizda of Crypto Fund Research looks into possible reasons behind the relative performance of crypto funds vs bitcoin since Q1 2017. Source link

Alive, Thriving and Totally Unauthorized: Inside the Underground Market for Telegram’s Cryptocurrency

Telegram forbade investors from selling their gram tokens before launch. Yet the secondary market for grams is lively – and rife with risk. Source link

New Research Reveals Crypto Girls Are On The Rise

Diversity among crypto holders is increasing according to a new survey of European cryptocurrency investors and traders. The number of women in crypto is increasing as the industry shakes off is male dominated past. The survey was carried out across three waves of research in 2018, sampling almost 120,000 unique internet users aged 16 to […]

Billion-Dollar Returns: The Upside of Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

If Libra achieves even modest adoption, the payoff for Facebook and its partners could be in the billions. Source link