Coil, Mozilla, Creative Commons Offer $100M Grant for Web Monetization

Ripple-backed Coil, Mozilla and Creative Commons are jointly donating $100 million for a program aimed at monetizing web content Source link

FomoHunt Becomes First Merchant to Accept Huobi Tokens as Payment

Users can now make purchases with Huobi Tokens on e-commerce and cryptocurrency news platform FomoHunt Source link

New Booking CEO: Crypto Will Continue to Grow Mainly Outside the US

CEO of online travel giant Booking Holdings said that blockchain-based currencies will gain more popularity especially outside the U.S. Source link

Deloitte Rolls Out Demonstrational Blockchain Platform

Deloitte has launched a demonstrational blockchain platform designed to showcase blockchain applications in various use cases Source link

Fidelity Charitable Received Over $100M in Crypto Donations Since 2015

In its “2019 Giving Report,” Fidelity Charitable reveals that it has received $106 million in cryptocurrency donations since 2015 Source link

Over 5 Million Merchants Throughout Thailand Now Accept Zcoin Payments

Users of Satang App can now use Zcoin as payment at over 5 million Thai merchants by scanning a QR code Source link

Mike Tyson: ‘I Am Not Involved With Fight to Fame or Their Countdown Website’

Mike Tyson has stated that he is not affiliated with the allegedly fraudulent Fight to Fame project Source link

Major Staffing Company Kelly Services Turns to Blockchain With New Partnership

Global staffing company Kelly Services announces partnership with blockchain-enabled hiring platform Moonlighting Source link

Celsius Network Incorporates Platform to Streamline Services

Celsius integrates’s trading platform into its Celsius App to expand users’ coin options and service access Source link

Online Sentiment Toward Crypto Market in 2019 — Attitudes Are Positive

Barring some mainstream media articles, most crypto-oriented content online present the industry in a good light, social media platforms driving sentiment change Source link