Binance Expanding Cryptocurrency World Domination Efforts With Libra Rival

The world’s most dominant cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is not satisfied with being the best in the industry. It literally wants to own it as Facebook has done with social media. The latest ambitions from the Malta based company include a localized stablecoin initiative that will rival Libra. Facebook in the Firing Line Not only has […]

Argentine Bitcoin Premium Shows Relativity of “Safe-Havens”

Bitcoin has been trading for a premium of between 8 and 28 percent on the Argentina-facing section of LocalBitcoins. The higher prices compared to those advertised by traders on the peer-to-peer marketplace from the rest of the world highlights that demand is high for Bitcoin in the South American nation. With all the current talk […]

Bitcoin as a Hedge Against Uncertainty Is An Overstated Narrative

Demand for Bitcoin in Argentina and Hong Kong is such that locals are paying up to 10% above market price. The ongoing unrest in both regions has led to soaring Bitcoin demand, as investors look to hedge against the system. And once again, Bitcoin has shown itself to be the default option when times get […]

Peter Schiff Lambasted Over Lazy Bitcoin Price Tweet Error

Peter Schiff is not shy about his dislike of Bitcoin. In fact, he talks about the cryptocurrency almost as much as he talks about his favourite shiny yellow metal. To the proponents of Bitcoin, a lot of Peter Schiff’s Tweets are amusing, particularly since he doesn’t see that almost all of the points he makes […]

UK Regulators: Beware of Crypto Assets, They Lack “Intrinsic Value”

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned the public that is should beware of investing in crypto assets. The regulator states that digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have no intrinsic value and therefore offer a high level of risk. The comments come as part of the FCA’s newly-published guidelines for companies operating […]

Bitcoin NVT Ratio: Top Predicting Signal Hits Highest Peak, Is a 50% Drop Ahead?

Bitcoin price is at a critical junction, with either a major bull run ahead or a deeper correction that could mean the bear market hasn’t yet ended. A powerful indicator called the NVT ratio – designed by one of the crypto community’s best and brightest – has been used to time the tops and bottoms […]

Government Restrictions on Cash Transactions Show Why Bitcoin is Important

The government of Australia wants to ban cash payments for goods and services exceeding 10,000 AUD ($6,900). Interestingly, it excludes digital currency, such as Bitcoin, from the restrictions, arguing that if the regulations cover crypto assets, they would also limit innovation. Although Bitcoin is excluded from the proposed ban, such restrictions make the case for […]

Facebook Still Being Blamed For Bitcoin Price Pullback

The fallout from last week’s US senate hearings on Facebook’s Libra project is still being felt across the crypto ecosystem. Many are blaming the social media giant for Bitcoin’s recent correction but in reality it is just part of the natural rhythm of the market. Bitcoin Back at Four Figures Following a week of consolidation […]

Italian Paper Labels Bitcoin a “Ponzi Scheme” as Euro on Verge of Recession

Bitcoin has been called many things over its 10-year lifespan. A tool for tax evaders and drug dealers, check. The world’s next safe haven, sure. But most notably, the cryptocurrency has been labeled a “Ponzi scheme” by its thousands, maybe millions of skeptics. Related Reading: Investor: Bitcoin is the Best Performing Asset, Path to $100,000 […]

Bitcoin, Facebook and the End of 20th Century Money

Bitcoin is surging and Libra is shaking up regulators as the globe faces a period of doubt on the economic front. Source link