Bank of America Files Patent for Multi-Tiered Digital Currency Wallet

Bank of America has filed a patent for a digital asset wallet with multiple passwords and corresponding layers of access Source link

This Non-Profit Company Wants to ‘Decentralize’ Crypto Keys Themselves

Tide proposes a trustless bot to manage private key authorized activities without full access to it Source link

Report: Bakkt to Launch in Q3, Pending NY Financial Department Approval

Bakkt is reportedly planning to launch some time in Q3, but it may still need N.Y. Department of Financial Services approval Source link

GateHub Releases PSA on Phishing Scam Targeting Its Ripple Wallet Users

GateHub announced that a recent phishing campaign has been targeting its XRP wallet users Source link

Multicoin, Binance, Coinbase Invest in Startup Keeping Private Keys Secure

Private key management startup Torus has raised $2 million from some heavy hitters, including Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs and Multicoin Capital. Source link

US SEC and FINRA Issue Statement on Crypto Custody Issues

The U.S. SEC and FINRA issued a joint statement on compliance issues for cryptocurrency custodians Source link

Binance Funds Blockchain-Based Customer Relationship Management Network

Cere Network has received strategic funding from Binance Labs, who initially provided funding and mentorship for the project in its blockchain incubation program Source link

ZenGo Demonstrates Proof-Of-Concept of a Keyless Wallet for Facebook’s Libra

ZenGo publishes its open source project, which purports to provide proof-of-concept that its keyless wallet product can support Facebook’s Libra Source link

Overstock’s tZero Launches Mobile Crypto App Touted as Hack-Resistant

Overstock’s crypto subsidiary tZero officially launched its mobile crypto app, touting it as a hack-resistant wallet and exchange tool Source link