Samsung Discreetly Adds Bitcoin Support to Blockchain Keystore

South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung has quietly added Bitcoin support to its decentralized app store, Blockchain Keystore Source link

Samsung at Last Adds Bitcoin Functionality to Its Blockchain Phones

Samsung has added bitcoin functionality to its blockchain-enabled smartphones six months after launch. Source link

Samsung Quietly Adds Bitcoin to its Blockchain Keystore

Korean tech giant Samsung has added Bitcoin support to its Blockchain Keystore SDK. This will eventually allow users to use Bitcoin with applications via the company’s secure storage hardware featured on supported devices. In addition to adding Bitcoin, the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK will also support the Klaytn network too. Klaytn is the blockchain effort […]

Live Planet Unveils Blockchain-Based Virtual Reality Network

Live Planet is using blockchain technology in an upcoming network service for blockchain and crypto content creators Source link

Samsung Expands Its Blockchain DApp Kit With New Services, Updates Wallet

Samsung has added two new services, “Jupiter” and “Mars,” to its blockchain and dApp software development kit Source link

Samsung Is Now Offering 17 Crypto Apps

Electronics giant Samsung is adding dapps to its online store in a bid to outpace its competition. Source link

Samsung Galaxy S10 Integrates Pundi X’s Digital Currency Wallet

Samsung Galaxy S10 users are now able to use Pundi X’s crypto wallet and spend crypto in an associated blockchain point-of-sale device Source link

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Adds Wallet App from Blockchain Phone Rival Pundi X

The blockchain smartphone makers are working together to boost crypto adoption, with Pundi X’s wallet being added to the Galaxy S10’s options. Source link

‘Samsung Coin’ Trademark Filing Unaffiliated With Samsung

Samsung says that it was not involved in mysterious individual Kim Nam-jin’s filing for the trademark ‘Samsung Coin’ Source link

Someone Is Trying to Trademark ‘Samsung Coin.’ It’s Not Samsung

Someone in South Korea appears to be trying to take advantage of Samsung’s blockchain efforts by nabbing the “Samsung Coin” trademark. Source link