Blockchain Being Used to Turn Ocean Plastic Waste Into Eco-Fabrics

Dutch green fabrics firm Waste2Wear launches the world’s first collection of fabrics made from ocean plastics traceable via blockchain Source link

Thai Oil and Gas Firm Develops Blockchain-Based Renewables Platform

Thai oil and gas firm PTT is jointly developing a regional blockchain-based renewables platform with the Energy Web foundation Source link

Amazon Web Services Announces Cryptography-Using Quantum Ledger Database

Amazon Web Services, Inc. announces quantum ledger database to assure customers data remains immutable Source link

Oil Giants Hire Blockchain Startup to Manage Water in Bakken Fields

Data Gumbo to run water for North Dakota’s oil fields via blockchain tech for heavy hitters like Chevron, Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell Source link

Nestlé Admits Blockchain Venture Has Been More Challenging Than Others

“It has been testing how quickly we can move as an organization to completely review how we do business,” the food retail giant said Source link

TruTrace Partners With Deloitte to Track Cannabis Using Blockchain

Blockchain startup TruTrace partnered with Big Four auditing firm Deloitte to track cannabis using blockchain tech Source link

Walmart’s Foray Into Blockchain, How Is the Technology Used?

The last few years have seen the retail giant Walmart experiment with blockchain technology quite substantially — most notably within its food supply chain ecosystem Source link

Publicly-Listed Firm Files Patent to Put Cannabis on the Blockchain

Publicly-listed firm Security Matters is trying to patent a blockchain supply chain solution for the cannabis industry Source link

US Air Force Steps Up Blockchain Use: What Else Is the Pentagon Up To?

In light of recent announcements of US Air Force funding for blockchain technology, we examine applications throughout US defense Source link

Supermarket Chain Migros Implements Blockchain-Based Food Traceability

Largest Swiss supermarket chain Migros uses TE-FOOD for supply chain optimization Source link