US E-Cigarette Ban Stokes Fears Trump Could Target Bitcoin

Trump proves ease of banning anything: Bitcoiners fear they could be next Source link

Binance Alternatives for US-Based Altcoin Investors and Crypto Traders

Tomorrow, Binance will close trading and deposits for US-based crypto investors and traders, cutting off access to much of the altcoin market. And while that’s likely a positive thing for crypto investors who have been burned by altcoin assets in the past, there are a number of alternatives US-based traders can visit to get a […]

Crypto Research Group Advocate Federal Digital Asset Regulation

Researchers at CoinCenter are in favour of a federal level regulatory framework to overlook intermediaries doing business with crypto assets in the United States. The non-profit organisation argues that the existing state-by-state regulations are a mess and that differing approaches in different jurisdictions limit the innovative potential of the industry. CoinCenter proposes an optional federal […]

PSA: Only 48 Hours Remain for US Crypto Investors to Trade on Binance

Back in June, the world’s most popular crypto exchange, Binance, announced that it would soon be blocking US-based investors from its platform, in order to comply with global regulations. The deadline for US-based investors to cease trading and using Binance is less than 48 hours away. Here is everything crypto investors and traders need to […]

NSA Working to Develop Quantum-Resistant Cryptocurrency: Report

The NSA is pursuing the development of a quantum-resistant cryptocurrency, as reportedly revealed during the Billington CyberSecurity 10th annual summit in D.C. Source link

Facebook Hires Lobbying Firm to Ease Regulatory Pressure on Libra

Facebook is working with a Washington-based lobbying firm to wrestle with the regulatory pushback sparked by its planned in-app global cryptocurrency Source link

US FTC Settles With Alleged Crypto Pyramid Scheme for $500,000

The U.S. FTC settles with alleged crypto pyramid schemes Bitcoin Funding Team and My7Network for a total of over $500,000 Source link

US Charges Two Canadian Nationals Over Alleged $230K Bitcoin Fraud

A U.S. court charged two Indian-origin Canadians with a $230K Bitcoin fraud using fake HitBTC account on Twitter Source link

US, France, and Germany Dominate Bitcoin Nodes By Country

Among the many reasons that make Bitcoin unique, is that it’s designed to be a global currency accessed by anyone, anywhere, without restriction. Because of this, the first-ever crypto asset is used across the world in different capacities, affected by culture, economic conditions, regulation, and more. A new study reveals how Bitcoin nodes are distributed […]

US DOE Dedicates $1.05 Mil to Blockchain Energy Management Platform

The US Department of Energy grants $1.05 million to expand a blockchain-based energy management platform to the public Source link