Trump’s Calls for Negative Interests Rates May Benefit Bitcoin, Says Analyst

The President of the United States has once again called on the Federal Reserve to significantly lower interest rates. For Dan Tapiero, of DTAP Capital, such a “debasement of the dollar” would benefit Bitcoin and other hard, store-of-value assets. Tapiero believes that Trump hopes to drive economic activity by effectively charging customers to hold money […]

China and Russia Hungry for Hard Assets, Could Bitcoin Benefit?

Central banks hoarding gold is thought to be accounting for a lot of the buying pressure sending the price of the precious metal upwards recently. Such a hunger for hard assets may one day see banks stock piling Bitcoin as part of their de-dollarisation efforts. Central banks in both Russia and China have been identified […]

Gold Price Hits New Six Year High, But Fake Bars May Benefit Bitcoin

With political and economic tensions escalating, investments in safe haven assets such as gold are on the rise. The commodity has often been compared to Bitcoin, but a recent outbreak of fake bars clearly illustrates the glaring differences in the two asset classes. Gold Prices Hit 2019 High The sentiment driving gold prices this year […]

Goldman Sachs Predicts US-China Trade War to Continue into 2020, Will It Benefit Bitcoin?

Economists at global investment bank Goldman Sachs believe there to be no end in sight to the ongoing US-China trade war. Although damaging to economic interests in both nations, the lack of resolution may well be bullish for Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has historically performed well at times of heightened geopolitical tension. This is due to […]

Facebook Crypto Haters Proposes Doomsday Bill; Bitcoin to Benefit?

A “discussion draft” bill set out to spell doomsday on the dreams of many financial technology projects is making rounds on Crypto Twitter. Unconfirmed yet unsettling, the “Keep Big Tech Out of Finance” bill proposes to “prohibit large platform utilities” from becoming a financial institution or getting affiliated with a person that runs a financial institution.” […]

Facebook’s Libra Will Benefit Bitcoin But ‘Destroy’ Banks, Says Industry

More claims Facebook will overturn the banking industry with Libra launch Source link