Thai Oil and Gas Firm Develops Blockchain-Based Renewables Platform

Thai oil and gas firm PTT is jointly developing a regional blockchain-based renewables platform with the Energy Web foundation Source link

CommBank Develops Blockchain Marketplace to Boost Sustainable Development, Biodiversity

The prototype blockchain marketplace is aimed to support sustainable development and reward landowners for protecting the environment. Source link

No Humans Required: Commerzbank Develops Blockchain Payments for Automated Trucks

Commerzbank has developed a blockchain-based solution it says allows automated trucks to pay for power charging with no human involvement. Source link

Fujitsu Develops Blockchain IDs That Score Trustworthiness in Transactions

Fujitsu Laboratories has unveiled digital identity tech that scores users’ reliability to increase the security of online transactions. Source link

Republic of Abkhazia Develops Law Draft on Crypto Mining

Abkhazia’s Ministry of Economy has approved a bill on crypto mining and sent it to the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic Source link