New Study Reveals Countries With Most Registered Crypto Exchanges

The largest number of registered digital currency exchanges are located in the U.K., the U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore, per a recent report Source link

Crypto Security Platform Fireblocks Now Supports 5 More Exchanges

Crypto security platform Fireblocks now supports a total of 20 digital asset exchanges Source link

Crypto Exchanges, Wash Trading and Why It’s Time for a Spring Clean

Fake news, fake companies, and fake liquidity – navigating the cryptocurrency market is often as clear as mud, especially considering up to 86 percent of total reported cryptocurrency trading volumes are likely to be false, according to research compiled by The Block. The traditional finance sector is no stranger to wash trading and neither is […]

North Korea Denies It Stole $2 Billion From Crypto Exchanges and Banks

North Korea denies the theft of $2 billion from banks and crypto exchanges, says that the U.S. and other hostile forces are spreading rumors Source link

Crypto ‘Exchange of Exchanges’ ShortHop Expands to 7 US States

ShortHop offers traders access to its own order book as well as orders from other exchanges. Source link

Amazon Cloud Outage Causing Major Issues at Some Crypto Exchanges

Problems with Amazon’s cloud service, AWS, in Tokyo are disrupting services at some cryptocurrency exchanges on Friday. Source link

As Coordinated Sell-Offs Strike Altcoins, How Do Exchanges Respond?

Exchanges are once again in the spotlight for manipulation after XRP’s price crashed following a sell-off. See how exchanges are responding, and what can be done Source link

Top-Rated Crypto Exchanges Comprise 5% of Total Trading Volume: Report

Untrusted exchanges still account for 64% of global cryptocurrency trading volumes Source link

RBI Ignored Exchanges’ Arguments on Bitcoin Ban: Court

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) did not correctly respond to the presentation that could have removed the necessity of banning bitcoin trading in the country, found the apex court. The Supreme Court of India noted in a hearing today that the central bank forwarded the presentation to the government. But what it should have […]

How Do Crypto Exchanges Select Coins, What Does It Take to Get Listed?

Here’s how exchange platforms pick new digital assets and delist others Source link