Hong Kong Protests Continue Fueling Money Flight, Will it Affect Bitcoin?

Anti-government demonstrations entered their eleventh week with a defiant march in Hong Kong’s Central district on Sunday. The threat of violence and civil unrest has led to increasing uncertainty over the city’s future. And anxious residents are responding by moving money out of Hong Kong, a move that could increase the inflow into bitcoin. Hong […]

BitMEX to Limit Access From Seychelles, Hong Kong and Bermuda

Users from Seychelles, Hong Kong and Bermuda will not be able to access major crypto exchange BitMEX Source link

BitMEX Exchanges to Block Users in Hong Kong, Bermuda and Seychelles

Per a company posting, BitMEX added the geo-blocks for regulatory reasons Source link

Bitcoin Eyes Demand as Hong Kong Protestors Announce Bank Run

Bitcoin is hoping to become a hot property in Hong Kong. The region’s political crisis has swept over its banking sector, which is now seeing protestors withdrawing large bundles of cash out of ATMs. The move is the latest tactic to reduce People’s Bank of China’s influence on the Hong Kong economy. Protestors have warned […]

Hong Kong Is Paying Higher Prices for Bitcoin Amid Political Unrest

Bitcoin price premiums emerge as political tensions and protests continue in Hong Kong Source link

Hong Kong Extends Migrant Policy to Facilitate DLT and FinTech Professionals

Under a new “Talent List” initiative, the Hong Kong government will simplify its immigration policy to attract DLT and fintech professionals Source link