Major South Korean Mobile Carrier Launches Blockchain Project

South Korean mobile carrier Union Mobile announced the launch of its blockchain platform and accompanying token Source link

German Firm Unveils Mobile Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Containers

Newly-developed mobile, air-cooled mining containers can house 144 ASIC miners each to optimize mobility and temperature control for mining pools Source link

Casa Adds iOS and Android Support for Sats Mobile Wallet

Bitcoin-focused technology firm Casa announced that its mobile Bitcoin wallet app is now available for both iOS and Android devices Source link

Germany’s Bitwala Launches All-In-One Mobile Bitcoin Bank App

Bitwala launches smartphone banking with integrated Bitcoin wallet and trading for 30 European countries Source link

OpenBazaar Developers Launch a Crypto Marketplace for Mobile

The developers behind decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar have released a mobile counterpart. Source link

Metamask Launches Mobile App Beta to Broaden Appeal of Ethereum DApps

Beta version of mobile app joins Metamask Ethereum-based offerings Source link

Civic, BitGo Announce a Consumer Mobile Wallet

The wallet will maintain user’s anonymity, but will also be recoverable. Source link

Blockchain Platform Enables Trading of Digital Assets in Mobile Games

The project says the blockchain technology will enable the “true ownership” of digital assets for the mobile game players, so they can trade their nonfungible tokens #SPONSORED Source link

Samsung Teams With Banks, Telcos for Mobile ID Network Based on Blockchain

Tech giant Samsung Electronics is joining six other major South Korean firms to develop a blockchain-based certificate and ID authentication network. Source link

Major Korean Firms Partner to Launch Blockchain Mobile ID System

Major South Korean firms including Samsung Electronics have partnered to develop a blockchain-based mobile ID system Source link