Veteran Investor: Demand For ‘Psycho Crypto Currencies’ Good For Gold Prices

Bitcoin has often been compared with gold as it shares a number of similar traits. Both are safe haven assets, immune from government meddling, and both have a strong perception of scarcity. One veteran investor sees a strong demand for bitcoin and crypto assets as a bullish indicator for gold prices. Rise of Crypto Currencies […]

Hong Kong Is Paying Higher Prices for Bitcoin Amid Political Unrest

Bitcoin price premiums emerge as political tensions and protests continue in Hong Kong Source link

Binance Coin (BNB) Uptrend Is Solid, Prices May Rally Ahead of WINk IEO

Binance Coin is down 2.1 percent in 24 hours WINk, previous TRONbet, will be crowdfunding from the Binance Launchpad The integration of the Kyber Network liquidity protocol with the Trust wallet is a bullish signal for investors. Furthermore, the crowdfunding of WINk from the Binance Launchpad will draw demand for BNB. At the time of […]

Cardano’s Development on Track, ADA Revival Could See Prices Rally to 10 Cents

Cardano (ADA) prices are oscillating below 10 cents Shelly is the Reward Era. Cardano is right on track, building towards Voltaire Shifting from Byron to Shelly, Cardano is firm on their roadmap. Promising to be efficient, the migration of blockchain projects from competing platforms to Cardano will draw demand for ADA. In that case, ADA […]

Ethereum (ETH) Prices Back to Green, Surge 7% in 24 Hours

Ethereum (ETH) adds 7.6 percent Facebook’s Libra is more popular than ETH An independent research from eToro reveals that investors are more aware of Libra, a Facebook stablecoin set for launch in 2020, than Ethereum (ETH). Meanwhile, ETH is back to green, adding 7.6 percent in 24 hours Ethereum Price Analysis Fundamentals The discourse around […]

Ripple (XRP) Prices in Consolidation Mode Despite Institutional Demand

Ripple (XRP) prices are firm above 30 cents XRP sales in Q2 2019 topped $251 million Ripple’s Q2 2019 XRP market report is enlightening. Revealing the level of XRP demand, investors now know that institutions form the bulk of buyers. In the medium-to-long term, this will help strengthen bulls targeting 50 cents and 80 cents […]

Ripple (XRP) Bulls Are Back, Prices up 5% Despite SWIFT’s Stiff Competition

Ripple (XRP) is steady, adds 5.3 percent SWIFT, in a global trial, settled a cross-border transaction from Australia to Singapore in 13 seconds In a test, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), achieved speeds closer to those of Ripple. A possible threat to Ripple’s global expansion, XRP prices are firm, adding 5.3 percent […]

Ethereum’s EIP-2025 Stirring Controversy, ETH Prices slide 8%

Ethereum (ETH) is down 8.1 percent Istanbul may include the activation of EIP-2025 Code improvement is vital for the survival of any public chain. Even though EIP-2025 is an enhancement that will aid in funding Ethereum development, there is resistance against its activation. At the time of press, ETH is down 8.1 percent in the […]

Ethereum Classic Developers Focus on Atlantis, Failure Could See ETC Prices Halve

Ethereum Classic (ETC) down 4.7 percent Interoperability through Atlantis could be the shot in the arm for ETC bulls Atlantis will signal the beginning of Ethereum Classic-Ethereum interoperability. Beneficial for both networks, ETC prices will likely edge higher. That’s despite the overwhelming sell pressure threatening to drive prices to $3. Ethereum Classic Price Analysis Fundamentals […]

Bitcoin Buoyed By Free Marketing, Will BTC Prices Double By 2020?

Bitcoin (BTC) consolidating below $11,200 Iranians turning to Bitcoin Despite deliberate attacks from politicians, Bitcoin as an innovation is an “unstoppable force”. Fearing the unknown, they are unknowingly marketing BTC as an alternative. For now, BTC is steady, but bears are firmly in control. Bitcoin Price Analysis Fundamentals Cryptocurrency investors and traders are in the […]