Trump’s Calls for Negative Interests Rates May Benefit Bitcoin, Says Analyst

The President of the United States has once again called on the Federal Reserve to significantly lower interest rates. For Dan Tapiero, of DTAP Capital, such a “debasement of the dollar” would benefit Bitcoin and other hard, store-of-value assets. Tapiero believes that Trump hopes to drive economic activity by effectively charging customers to hold money […]

Buy Bitcoin: Legendary Hedge Fund Manager Bashes QE, Low Interest Rates

The value proposition of Bitcoin has long been questioned by its cynics. Unlike traditional assets, the cryptocurrency doesn’t generate cash flow, pay out dividends, produce a fixed yield, or have a maturity date.  And unlike recognized forms of money, Bitcoin isn’t backed by the power of a government or some asset, like gold. But, Bitcoin’s […]

Bitcoin Bull Run “Guaranteed”: Federal Reserve Expected to Cut Rates Into 2020

For both those involved in Bitcoin and traditional markets, all eyes have been on the Federal Reserve over the past few months. Related Reading: Bakkt Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures Product to Launch in September Many analysts claim that whatever the American monetary authority decides to do with monetary policy will dictate the direction for global […]

Mark Mobius: Buy Gold as Bitcoin Price Rises, Central Banks Cut Rates

Veteran frontier markets investor Mark Mobius suggested that cryptocurrencies will help boost the price of gold Source link

Future Appreciation Rates of Gold and Bitcoin Could be Similar

Bitcoin has often been compared to gold for its properties as a store of value. Just like gold, BTC is not tied to any central controlling entity and serves as a hedge against state manipulation of fiat currencies. Unlike gold, however, Bitcoin is still very volatile but that could all change in the future. Steady […]

Fed Will Take Interest Rates to Zero, Says Billionaire Investor Kyle Bass

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) could take a final call on lowering interest rates by a quarter percentage point in its meeting next week. But according to billionaire investor Kyle Bass, the bells of a recession could force the committee to consider even zero rates. The founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital […]

Bullish For Bitcoin? Trump Turns Up Pressure on Federal Reserve to Cut Interest Rates

President Trump is continuing to pressure the Federal Reserve for dragging its feet on interest rate cuts. For some, such aggressive economic policy is yet another inadvertent advertisement for Bitcoin for the US president. Donald Trump recently declared himself as being generally opposed to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, for some analysts, the president is doing […]