Bitcoin Price Drops $200 in Minutes as $10.2K Support Shows Cracks

Bitcoin volatility back on the cards as oil supplies dip 5% Source link

France Blocking Facebook Libra in EU Shows True Power of Bitcoin

Governments and policymakers have been in an uproar ever since Facebook debuted their Libra cryptocurrency to the world, prompting the first signs of stricter regulation around crypto and Bitcoin looming. Among the list of concerned governments is France, whose Finance Minister just revealed that it would work to prevent the “development of Libra on European […]

PwC Report Shows Major Growth in Crypto M&A in Asia and Europe

Asia and Europe have surpassed the previously dominant role of the Americas in crypto fundraising, according to a new report from PwC. Source link

Bitcoin Is Using Less Energy Despite Record Hash Rate, New Data Shows

Bitcoin electricity data shows rate of mining becoming more efficient Source link

Bitcoin Returns Have Dwarfed Every Tech IPO Since 2010, New Data Shows

Bitcoin has seen an astonishing 338,433,233% appreciation over the past decade dwarfing many well-known internet companies over the same time period Source link

Weekly Bitcoin Price Indicator Shows ‘Bear Cross’ in First Since February

A widely-tracked lagging bitcoin price indicator is reporting bearish conditions for the first time since February. Source link

Bitcoin Price ‘Not at the Top’ of New Bull Cycle Yet, New Data Shows

Bitcoin price now is like it was just before 2017 all-time high, data suggests Source link

Bitcoin Price Shows Signs of Recovery as Altcoin Market Stays Red

The crypto market is largely in the red, but Bitcoin price has reversed its downward trend and is seeing slight gains Source link

Argentine Bitcoin Premium Shows Relativity of “Safe-Havens”

Bitcoin has been trading for a premium of between 8 and 28 percent on the Argentina-facing section of LocalBitcoins. The higher prices compared to those advertised by traders on the peer-to-peer marketplace from the rest of the world highlights that demand is high for Bitcoin in the South American nation. With all the current talk […]

Historical Data Shows Bitcoin Price Correction Could Last 5 More Months

While crypto investors and traders are ready for the next bull run to fully commence, Bitcoin price has once again been rejected from highs above $12,000 and is potentially looking at more downside in the coming days. This is all normal, according to historic Bitcoin price charts, according to one crypto analyst, who says that past […]