New Study Reveals Countries With Most Registered Crypto Exchanges

The largest number of registered digital currency exchanges are located in the U.K., the U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore, per a recent report Source link

Study: Blockchain in Healthcare Market to Surpass $1.6 Billion by 2025

The blockchain in healthcare market will cross $1.6 billion by 2025, according to a recent outlook Source link

Coinbase Study Says 56% of Top 50 Universities Have Crypto Classes

Compared to last year, twice as many university students, or 18 percent, partook in a crypto or blockchain class. Source link

Cyber Criminals Netted $4.3B From Crypto-Related Crime in 2019: Study

Thefts, scams and other misappropriation of funds from digital currency holders and exchanges have resulted in a $4.3 billion in losses throughout 2019, according to CipherTrace Source link

Grayscale Argues BTC Hedges, With US-China Trade War As Case Study

Grayscale argues that Bitcoin hedges against global liquidity risks, using its growth alongside US-China trade tensions as a case study Source link

Over 83% of Bitcoin Discussions Are ‘Positive’ on Reddit: New Study

While over 85% of online discussions on crypto is positive, media headlines try to paint an entirely different picture Source link

Bitcoin Accounts for 98% of Crypto-Denominated Ransomware Payments, Study

Bitcoin continues to account for the lion’s share of crypto-denominated ransomware payments — 98% as compared with just 2% for privacy coins like dash and monero Source link

Study: Blockchain Supply Chain Market to Reach Over $9B by 2025

Allied Market Research’s new analysis forecasts that the global blockchain supply chain market will surpass $9 billion by 2025 Source link

Twitter Study Finds US Posts Most on Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra

New research has found that the U.S. leads the world in the volume of tweets referencing bitcoin and Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency. Source link

New Study: US Dominates Crypto Twitter While Venezuela ‘Most Negative’

Accounting for almost 40% of bitcoin tweets worldwide, the United States looms large over crypto twitter, a new analysis shows Source link