The IRS Is Blindly Coming After Cryptocurrency Traders — Here’s Why

The information that the IRS is receiving from cryptocurrency exchanges does not reflect your capital gains and losses whatsoever. This is problematic because these capital gains and losses are what you actually pay taxes on, not gross transaction amounts Source link

Binance Alternatives for US-Based Altcoin Investors and Crypto Traders

Tomorrow, Binance will close trading and deposits for US-based crypto investors and traders, cutting off access to much of the altcoin market. And while that’s likely a positive thing for crypto investors who have been burned by altcoin assets in the past, there are a number of alternatives US-based traders can visit to get a […]

Burundi Central Bank Director: ‘Strong Measures’ Will Be Taken Against Crypto Traders

The Republic of Burundi banned all cryptocurrencies, stating the volatile, speculative and unregulated asset class presents too much risk for citizens. Source link

Bitcoin Price Flatlines at $10K as Traders Brace for Expected Volatility

Bitcoin price waits for its next trigger as price steadies above $10K Source link

Simetri Research Launches Dashboard for Short-Term Crypto Traders

Simetri Research launches a trading signals service for short-term crypto traders Source link

IRS Warnings to Bitcoin Traders Offer Clues to Coming Tax Guidance

Though the IRS has yet to publish its promised crypto tax guidance, the warning letters recently sent to 10,000 traders hint at what to expect. Source link

Wealth and Tax Advisor Says IRS May Be Targeting Crypto Traders, Not Investors

By now, most crypto investors know that the United States government has begun to crack down on the crypto industry, and has begun targeting those who have used Bitcoin and other crypto-assets for illicit crime. As part of the efforts, the Internal Revenue Service has also begun targeting crypto-holding American taxpayers, who may not have […]

Overstock Will Open tZERO Security Token Market to Retail Traders Next Week

Overstock is opening up trading on its security token market, tZERO, to retail investors starting next week. Source link

Israeli Cryptocurrency Traders Locked Out of Banking System: Report

Crypto startups are hitting a snag when it comes to Israeli banks. Source link

Report: US-Based Traders Can Still Access Bitfinex Services

An unnamed trader has reportedly been able to access and use Bitfinex’s crypto trading platform from the U.S. Source link